Metronomics and the Future of Ancient Computers: Anachronistic Oxymorons Applied to my Desktop

twitters affluence in our
modern day republic
of over-caffeinated
under-characterized wordplay
where the language of influence
is shorthand for knowledge
and easy-speak
is a common-law
marriage of thought and oral
technology crafted to reinvent
Gordon Lightfoot’s
and Englebert Humperdinck’s

lighthouses and hashtags
tugboats of appliances
applied correspondingly
to recreate our free time
and our world  in a visceral
transparency via the absence
of words for us
so we don’t have to

while duly noting
the troubling thought
that definien rebellions
become one within
when we are confronted
with a newness at a velocity
not yet familiar

try to make friends
per this thief of space
while being at peace
with prosiac traditions
of rhythm and meter
line-breaks and enjambment
the mere integrity of structure
where the absence of structure
also lends to its form

instead of to hunt and peck
away the time
in an illustrious
luminous manner
only to slip away
into a nostalgic museum
of byte sized portions

i wish the future
did not exist